Bentley Building Bulletin publishes the most complete listing of residential new housing starts for six counties in and around the Houston Metropolitan area.  In Houston since 1998, the Bentley has published over 70,000 residential building permits and accumulated a database of over 3,200 builders who have built two or more homes.  At Bentley, we go directly to the source for our information, each week, so that you can be assured you are receiving the most accurate, recent, and up-to-date information available in the Houston area!
Being located in the Houston market, Bentley Building Bulletin has the ability to give individualized service to our customers with detailed market information unavailable elsewhere.  Don't be fooled!  The Bentley offers the most comprehensive product, covering the largest area for the lowest price... We are here for you!!!

Subscriber Comments:

"The Bentley has given me more leads than I can handle!  It is a great service!"  David Flanagan - Materials Service Supply

"We have found that this publication gives us the most economical and comprehensive information for new single-family and new multi-family construction in the Houston market."  Steve Young - Boral Bricks, Inc

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